Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

California Roll      $4.5

Kanikama Roll      $4.9

Tuna Roll      $5.9

Spicy Tuna Roll      $6.9

Crispy Tuna      $6.9

Salmon Roll      $5.9

Philadelphia Roll      $7.9

M-80      $8.9

Peanut Butter Jelly      $5.9

Spicy Salmon Roll      $6.2

Salmon Cream Cheese Roll      $6.2

Negihama Roll      $6.2

Godailla Roll      $7.9

Unagi Roll       $7.9

Shrimp Roll      $5.9
Spicy or not 

Tempura Roll      $5.9

Alaska Roll      $7.9

Spider Roll      $6.9

Crystal Shrimp Roll      $5.9

Teriyaki Roll      $5.9

Las Vegas Roll      $7.9

Vegetalbe Tempura Roll          $4.9

Vegetarian Roll      $4.9

Cucumber Avocado Roll        $3.9


Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Albacore sashimi with special sauce      $21.9
12 pieces

Spicy tuna      $21.9
12 pieces 

Hawaiian Ahi Poke      $23.9
12 pieces , spicy or not 

Sashimi Mix      $22.9
16 pieces of chef's choice

Sashimi Deluxe       $18.9
10 pieces of chef's choice

Chirashi      $18.9
10 pieces of chef's choice 


(Served with soup or salad)

Plum Wine      glass...$4.9      bottle...$23.9

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay      glass...$7.9       bottle$36.9

Louis Jadot Macon      galss...$7.9      bottle...$36.9

Simi      glass...$5.9       bottle$35.9

DA Vinci Pinot Grigio      galss...$5.9      bottle...$28.9

King Estate Pinot Gris      glass...$7.9      bottle...$36.9

Trimbach      galss...$8.9      bottle...$40.9

Nik Weis Urban     galss...$5.9      bottle...$28.9

Villa Maria      galss...$5.9      bottle...$28.9

Trimbach      glass...$8.9      bottle...$40.9



Kirin      small...$4.9       large...$8.9

Kirin Light      $4.9

Sapporo      small...$4.9       large...$8.9

Sapporo Light      $4.9

Asahi      $8.9

Bud Light      $3.5

Budweiser      $3.5

Samuel Adams Boston Lager      $4.9

Samuel Adams Boston ALE       $4.9

Samuel Adams Rebel IPA       $4.9

Samuel Smith Nut Brown ALE      $5.9

Glutenator(gluten-free)       $11.9

Heineken       $4.9

Wasatch Ghost Rider      $4.9

Hop Rising Double IPA     $4.9

Guinness Extra Stout      $5.9


Served for 2 or more persons, with rice and soup or salad

Happy Boat     $35.9

Additional Person $17.5

Takara Boat      $39.9

Additional Person  $ 19.5 

Tokyo Boat      $41.95

Additiaonal Person   $20.95

Each order is 2 pieces

Tuna (maguro)      $5.2

Albacore       $4.7

Yellowtail(hamachi)       $5.2

Salmon(sake)      $4.5

Spicy Salmon      $4.5

Shrimp(ebi)      $4.2

Crab(kani)      $4.9

Scallops(hotate)      $4.5

Spicy Scallops      $4.5

Squid(ika)      $4.2

Sushi combo      $34.9
14 pieces + tuna roll

Octopus(tako)      $4.5

Salmon Roe( ikurao)      $4.9

Smelt Roe(masago)       $3.9

Tobiko(flying fish roe)      $4.5

Unagi(eel)      $5.2

Inari(bean crud)       $3.5

Escalor(white tuna)      $4.9

Japanese Mackerel(saba)       $3.9

Sweet Shrimp(amaebi)      $6.5

Red Snapper(tai)      $4.2

Surf Clam      $3.9

Sea Urchin (uni)      MKT

Uni Shot      MKT
1  only ( uni, quail egg , tobiko)

Kendall Jackson Merlot      glass...$8.9   bottle...$40.9

Duckhorn      bottle...$85.9

Josh       glass...$6.9        bottle...$31.6

Geyser Peak      glass...$7.9       bottle...$36.9

L'E cole #41      bottle...$49.9

Heron      glass...$5.9        bottle...$28.9

Chehalem      bottle...$48.9

Latour Bourgogne      glass...$8.9       bottle...$40.9

Sake Sample      $6.9

Cold / Hot Sake     small...$5.9       large...$8.9

Purple Sake      small...$6.9      large...$11.9

Nigori      small...$6.9      large...$11.9

Moonstone (asian pear)      small...$6.9       large...$11.9       bottle...$26.9

Momokawa Ginjo      small...$6.9      larger...$11.9      bottle...$26.9

Tozai       small...$9.9       lager...$15.9      bottle...$35.9

Hakutsuru      small...$14.9       lager...$23.9      bottle $53.9  

Yuzu(citrus)      small...$7.9       lager...$12.9

Chiyonosono(sacred power)   small...$18.9    lager...$30.9    bottle...$71.9 

Konteki Tears of Dawn(daiginjo)   small...$17.9   lager...$28.9  bottle $68.9  

Rihaka Nigori(dreamy clouds)    small...$15.9     lager...$24.9     bottle...$57.9




(Served with rice and a choice of salad or soup)

Chicken Fried Rice       $10.9

Shrimp Fried Rice       $13.9

Vegetabel Fried Rice      $9.9

Beef Fried Rice       $13.5

Beef Sukiyaki      $13.9

Seafood Yakisoba      $14.9
Stir-fry noodles

Chicken Yakisoba     $11.9
Stir-fry noodles

Vegetable Yakisoba     $9.9
Stir-fry noodles

Nabeyaki Udon     $12.9

Chicken Udon       $10.9

Vegetable Udon      $8.9

Edamame      $3.9
(soy beans) spicy or not 

Baked Green Mussels      $7.9
spicy or not

Soft Shell Crab      $6.5
with Ponzu sauce

Calamari Stick      $7.9
Panko Fried with Tonkatsu sauce  

Agedashi Tofu      $5.5
Deep fried

Gyoza      $5.5
Japanese Dumpling

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura      $7.9

Vegetable Tempura      $4.9

Spring Roll      $2.9
Deep Fried

Eggplant Specialtme      $10.9
Tempura eggplant, spicy tuna, house dressing, garlic sauce, green onion

Chicken Yakitori(2 skewers)      $5.9
Japanese skewered chicken


Japanese Curry Chicken      $11.9
Panko fried

Japanese Curry Pork     $13.5
Panko fried 

Japanese Curry Vegetable      $10.5
Stir fry

Japanese Curry Beef      $13.5

Stir fry

Japanese Curry Prawns     $13.9
Stir fry

Chicken Teriyaki     $11.9
Hot plate

Steak Teriyaki      $13.5
Hot plate

Salmon Teriyaki      $13.9
Hot plate

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura      $13.5

Unagi Donburi      $13.9
Fresh  baked eel

Garlic Prawns      $13.9
Hot plate


SUSHI (raw)



Dine in only

Soft Drink      $1.9
Coke Products 

House Drinks      $2.9
Hot tea, Iced tea, Lemonade , Perrier, Fiji, Juice 

Kids Drinks

Soft drink        $1.5

Lemonade      $1.9

Juice      $1.9

Ramune      $2.9

Ice cream     $3.9
chocolate, vanilla

Green tea ice cream     $4.9

Mochi ball      $4.9

Mini cheese cake      $3.9

Deluxe Salad      $6.2
Cucumber, avocado, crab

Seafood Salad      $11.9
Tuna, shrimp, scallop, octopus, squid , crab

Seared Ahi Salad      $13.9

Seaweed Salad      $6.4

Squid Salad      $6.4

Chicken Salad      $6.9
Grilled chicken with  house salad and special dressing

Houes Salad      $2.5

Miso Soup      $2.5
Traditional Japanese soup

Monday to Friday 11am-2:30pm

#1...Chicken Teriyaki with Gyoza       $8.9

#2...Steak Teriyaki with Gyoza       $9.9

#3...Salmon Teriyaki with Gyoza      $9.9

#4...Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura with Gyoza      $9.9

#5... Curry Chicken with Gyoza       $8.9

#6... Curry Pork with Gyoza      $9.9

#7.Salmon Teriyaki with California Roll or Tempura      $11.9

#8.Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura with California Roll      $11.5

#9...Chicken Teriyaki with California Roll or Temp       $10.9

#10..Steak Teriyaki with California Roll or Temp      $11.9

#11...Unagi with California Roll or Temp       $11.9

#12..Sushi Bento       $12.9
Vegas Roll, 2 Pieces of Sushi , Gyoza 




Dine in only

Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Dragon Roll      $12.9

Tiger Roll        $12.9

Barney Rubble       $13.9

Rainbow Roll      $11.9

911      $9.9

Sunrise      $13.9

Happy UT       $11.9

Avalanche Roll      $13.9

Phoenix      $14.9
Fire plate 

Hot Night Roll      $12.9

Caesar Roll        $13.9

Mt.Fuji Roll      $16.9

Mayflower      $14.9

Holiday      $16.9

Seasons Roll      $14.9

Spicy Girl      $11.9

Playboy       $14.9

Jade Dragon      $14.9

Snow Roll      $11.9

Orange County Roll      $12.9

Volcano Roll      $15.9

Caterpillar Roll       $8.5